Important or Urgent


The other day I was about to call it a night after spending two good, relaxing hours watching Billions (great show) when an email popped up on my phone. And I ended up spending 3 more hours on it, finally grudgingly hitting the sack at 4 AM.

Why grudgingly? Because while the email was important, it wasn’t urgent.

The problem with having work and personal communication integrated on the same phone (or laptop) means that you’re available for either pretty much every minute you’re awake. I wish we could go back to the days of strict separation of work and personal time, without dire consequences. Some people probably still manage to do it but I am guessing they’re not business owners.

Even as a business owner, it’s a problem. Treating important stuff as urgent means you end up spending time haphazardly, and that’s seldom good for productivity (which includes living a life).

So while we might not be able to shut out work after work hours, we need to be mindful about what’s important and what’s urgent. Also, what’s urgent for someone else might only be important to you. Don’t give in too easily.

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2 thoughts on “Important or Urgent

  1. This is one of the reasons I have kept my work and non-work mailboxes separate on all my devices. Of course the bigger battle it to resist checking that during downtime, and resist acting on it even if you do end up checking.


    1. I think turning off all notifications might help, but then there’s also the FOMO that comes with that, especially for urgent issues.


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